Monday, November 16, 2009

It happened!

I actually ate dinner in our sorority's chapter room last night!

182 women were in attendance, including a couple dozen alumnae. (Shout out to my pledge sisters Emily, Hannah and Stacey - great to catch up!)

Stop by the house when you are in Athens next... it's really pretty unbelievable until you see it for yourself.

Top Row L-R: Meredith Gurley Carr (Alumnae Collegian Advisor), Michelle Hood Rosenthal (HCB President), Julie Dunn Eichenberg (Atlanta Alumnae and Founder Day Keynote Speaker), Kristen Schmidt White (Chapter Advisor), Natalie Black Muir (Capital Campaign Co-Chair)
Bottom Row L-R: Joan Trefz (2009 Alumnae Collegian Co-Chair), Sarah Rettker (2009 Chapter President), Jillian Farr (2009 Alumnae Collegian Co-Chair)
(PHOTOS/Jackie Reedy,

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