Monday, May 18, 2009


The deck is officially gone. And apparently there were some prizes hidden underneath!

I'm trying to remember how long the deck has been a part of the property; it's been a while. The nostalgic part of me must admit, I'm sad to see it go... That's where my now husband dropped me off after our blind first date 8 years ago, where Jenny Houston & her tea pitcher shared Gamma Phi folklore, the spot where I learned I'd been chosen as an Orientation Leader, the ramp we all used after late nights downtown... There are a lot of good memories from that shabby ole' deck.

BUT, in its place -- and as you can see from the clay square where there is no asphalt -- will be a CHAPTER ROOM!!!! The chapter room will be much bigger than the deck ever was - it will comfortably hold at least 150 seats.

And, see in the picture where the siding has been removed -- where the old study/break room/CLC sleeping room window is? That will be the new gorgeous back entrance to the house. Outside of this entrance is where the engraved brick pavers from donors will be.

We are pending to close the loan for Phase One construction costs this week. Michelle Rosenthal is going to Athens to sign everything on behalf of HCB, and with my power of attorney. This past weekend HCB met to vote on things like flooring choices, door & window choices, plumbing fixtures, hardware... More on those choices later.

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