Friday, August 7, 2009

Phase One Complete - Side Entrance & Foyer

Below is the first series of Phase I completion photos. I thought I'd start with shots of the new side entrance (by Henderson St) and foyer to the chapter room. From left to right, top to bottom, the new profile of the house; new side entrance mimics the look and feel of the front main entrance; side entrance opens to hardwood foyer/gathering area; first impression from side entrance (to the right of the side entrance door is one of three sets of interior doors to the chapter room not pictured here); standing in the back hallway (by where the old back entrance was) and looking toward new side entrance door; perspective from original part of the house looking down the back hallway (no more carpet!); main set of interior double doors to chapter room off of back hallway.

In subsequent posts I'll show you upgrades to the existing part of the house, the new laundry room, vending closet and powder room. Then I'll do my best to explain the upstairs new addition while it's in the framed stage.

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