Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hardwoods and Lighting

Here are a few upgrades that have been done to the existing part of the house during Phase I.
A phenomenal difference hardwoods make - both in the back hallway (see previous post) and the TV Room!
The parlor and the library BOTH received ceiling makeovers... gone are the metal-boxed-sprinkler system, and, compliments of Parents' Club, we added recessed lighting AND a chandelier in each room.

This is the new dining room chandelier.Speaking of lighting - here are new lights in a new location (no longer on the column) by the front door; and then the light that hangs above the balcony outside.

There are so many other amazing details to notice that I can't capture them all. For example, did you notice in the picture of the library that the pocket doors have been stripped and restained, an attempt to restore the authenticity of the home. I have learned that when many minds come together, phenomenal things can be accomplished. I've got so much more to show you, so stay tuned.



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