Monday, July 13, 2009

All sorts of updates...

Exterior trim and siding 90%
Interior trim and flooring Remodel 75%
ADA Ramp finished except handrail
Side entry finished except tile
Drywall in addition and remodel finished for phase 1
Sprinkler system finished
Plumbing 75%
Electric 75%
HVAC 75%
All roofing finished
Flooring selected 98% Phase I
Plumbing selected 98%Phase I
Lighting selected 98% Phase I
Majority of paint selections finalized

FLOORING: (From left to right) The downstairs powder room w/ ceramic tile, the TV room shown here prepping for hardwoods, the kitchen hall/entry w/ brick pavers to hold up well under heavy traffic, and hardwoods going in the back entry foyer.

RAMP: No more decking to maintain! Here's the new access ramp that opens into the chapter room.
NAME THAT ROOM: See if you can name these two rooms... without a roof! Leave your guesses in the comments section.


  1. Stephanie McGuire GilbreathJuly 14, 2009 at 10:09 AM

    Thanks for posting! From here in Ohio it is hard to imagine, so the pictures really help! I think the yellow room is the Window Room, and the pink one must be the back bathroom? My memory may be pretty rusty, though--I haven't seen the house in 15 years! Will the chapter room be ready for rush?

  2. I'm gonna guess Window room is the yellow one and the pink one is the bathroom off of the garden room (the two girl room downstairs next to the library).

    I'm so glad you are writing about all this online! I know you said earlier that probably no one is reading it, but I am!! haha.

    I just got your comment on my Europe blog and I'm glad you like it! Let me know when you plan to go with your husband and I would love to give you some recommendations!

  3. Also wanted to say another thanks for all your posts! This is so exciting! Cannot wait to be back in Athens to see all the progress firsthand :-D

  4. Yellow is definitely the window room! I can't forget that brick chimney and what a pain it was to paint :) I spent many nights there...many visiting you and your roomies, Flo and many while I lived there for a year!

  5. The yellow is definitely the Window room where we lived for a year and where I visited my little and friends often. I am going to say the pink is the library. Not sure on that one!

  6. Is the pink one the bathroom in the downstairs 2 girl room? I see a towel rod...

  7. This is very exciting to see! I haven't been to the GPB house or Athens in about 20 years, but this is bringing back memories. Thanks for all of your updates and work.

  8. Thanks for all these good guesses... The yellow is in fact the window room. And the pink is the upstairs president's bathroom. Did you know that bathroom will disappear along with the back bathroom to form a bedroom in Phase II? A new bathroom will be added to the new portion of the upstairs.

  9. Stephanie - to answer your question about the chapter room, no, it will not be complete in time for rush next week; it still needs ceiling, trim, light fixtures, flooring and paint. But it will be complete by Spring Semester at the latest. Keep reading the blog and I'll post updates as progress is made throughout the fall. Meanwhile, this will be the last year the girls have to use a tent for Prefs... Soon the idea of a tent will be "remember when..." Hooray!



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